Ep3: Why a Coffee Recipe?

We rely heavily on repeat business in our cafes and to deliver that we need to provide a consistent, high quality product. If you were selling cakes you would be following recipes. So it makes sense to do the same with our coffee.

How I finished my Coffee Puzzle

As a Barista we strive to deliver the perfect cup of coffee to our customers however we do it not thinking about what journey that coffee takes before we get it. This trip to Origin was more about finding the last piece of my Coffee puzzle and complete it.

Ep2: Part 4 – My Tips – Plan

Last tip from me is Plan! Have a plan and a back up plan. Plan for everything! As soon as you open those doors on day one the train starts rolling and you may head onto the wrong tracks if you’re not careful! Planning allows you to keep focused on the Big Goal. The Big... Continue Reading →

Ep2: Part 1 – My Tips – Store Priorities

Episode 2 is written directly to owners/leaders within a cafe environment. In a café whether you have taken over an existing or new café it is important to set standards and expectations. These will be guidelines for you and your team to work inside. Remembering The Coffee Lifecycle and what our big goal is, Priorities... Continue Reading →

Ep2: Prologue – My Tips

15 years ago when I started out in this game all I wanted to do was work hard at something I enjoyed. Starting out as an employee, working my way up to manage stores, own stores and back to being a barista. It is going to sound strange, but I learnt more about owning and... Continue Reading →

Ep1: The Coffee Lifecycle

Owning a business isn’t easy. In fact, it’s tough. It’s a rollercoaster with plenty of ups and downs. You need to be ON every day and cannot afford to have a bad one. Being a barista isn’t any easier. You are on the front line working your guts out week days and weekends working when... Continue Reading →


Welcome! Pick Up The Pace! Is for new and experienced baristas, café owners and coffee professionals who are looking  for insight into what makes the cafe environment tick. My name is Glenn Bailey I have been in the coffee industry for over 15 years. In terms of café work, I have a wide range of experience.... Continue Reading →

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