Ep2: Part 4 – My Tips – Plan

Last tip from me is Plan!

Have a plan and a back up plan. Plan for everything!

As soon as you open those doors on day one the train starts rolling and you may head onto the wrong tracks if you’re not careful!

Planning allows you to keep focused on the Big Goal.

The Big Plan

A Big plan for me would be minimum 30 days and up to the first 90 days. This plan would cover off everything that would help deliver the customer experience, and manage sales and financials.

I started off by listing off all the areas I wanted to plan for. Example:

  • Team
  • Service
  • Product
  • Environment
  • Financials
  • Sales and Marketing

From here I listed off in each category what I wanted to achieve in month 1, 2 and so on. Some things may carry over into other months. Also with each task I listed who was responsible for that task. Here is a little snapshot


As you can see I have in Capitals who will be responsible, what task and when.

A plan is great for YOU to keep on track but ensure that you are getting others across your plan. If you are making others responsible for things in your plan make sure they know about it and the deadline you are setting for that task.

YOU need to be accountable on executing the plan.

PLAN for the PLAN to Fail

What I mean by that is have a plan if the plan fails. The best example of this is a roster. We plan to have the right quality people on at the right times however things out of our control happen. Someone calls up sick to a shift, you need to have a plan for that.

PLAN for the PLAN to Fail



Spend the time to plan everything in your business. I can guarantee that as soon as you jump onto the tools without a plan you will just be working in the business and not on it.

Revisit the plan weekly, daily if you have to!

Don’t spend the time writing a plan if you never revisit it.


You might not already know it but barista’s plan every day. We plan out our station set ups, our recipes and our workflow. We plan out if we have enough stock for the day and when breaks will start. Keep at it, even if you didn’t know it.

Lasting Thought

Success? There is a plan for that!

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