Ep2: Prologue – My Tips

15 years ago when I started out in this game all I wanted to do was work hard at something I enjoyed. Starting out as an employee, working my way up to manage stores, own stores and back to being a barista. It is going to sound strange, but I learnt more about owning and operating a café after I moved out of that position.

The franchise system I believe is a great starting point for any barista or employee. It gets you to understand the importance of systems, procedures and compliance. I embraced the model, I knew it worked and was successful. I have also seen what happens to a business if they don’t have or follow strict guidelines, systems and procedures.

I get asked a fair bit lately on running cafes and is there any advice I can share.

From my journey and learnings over the years, I have come up with 4 key actions that I would implement when starting out in a café, whether it is an existing or brand new environment. If I was to start a shop today these 4 actions I will implement straight away.

Episode 2 is spread over 4 parts and will dive into what I think you as a leader in a business need to implement to deliver our Big Goal (see The Coffee Lifecycle). As a barista you can also understand what may be required from you.


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