Pick Up The Pace! Is for new and experienced baristas, café owners and coffee professionals who are looking  for insight into what makes the cafe environment tick.
My name is Glenn Bailey I have been in the coffee industry for over 15 years.

In terms of café work, I have a wide range of experience. I started out in the early 2000’s in Australian coffee franchise stores where I worked my way up from Barista roles to managing stores and finally purchasing my own stores. After successfully building my own coffee businesses for a few years, I moved into business development for a coffee franchise company. Today, I work for a Melbourne based coffee roaster where I train and facilitate learning’s to Baristas, old and new to the industry.

Things have changed since I first started back in 2002. Helped along by Third Wave coffee, our consumers have moved on from caramel lattes and have now started to appreciate the product and now things needed to change.

I changed too. Over the past few years I’ve immersed myself in all things coffee from filter brew methods, traditional cuppings, roasting, blending, dialling in lots of coffees and experimenting with barista techniques. I feel that along with the coffee consuming public, I started to have a better understanding and respect for coffee over time.

Skip forward to 2015 where I got my dream job, training people to become better Barista’s.

My ultimate job! I could instil everything I had learnt and more to see these people succeed. My approach was simple and still is – what would have I wanted to know when I started.

With this focus, I can give people reference points, tips and tricks to fast track their learning.

I figured that all well and good teaching the front-line techniques to make better coffee with faster and better service, I needed to teach the back line, the managers and owners.

That’s where Pick Up the Pace! comes in. As you can already gather my passion is business development, operations and coffee. Future episodes of Pick Up The Pace! will dive into certain aspects of the cafe environment such as, product, service, workflow, sales etc and provide you an objective or goal. I will then approach each objective through the eyes of the owner/manager and then the eyes of the Barista. If applicable I will provide a learning or exercise to assist in getting your team on board to assist you in delivering the objective.

Sounds fun? I hope.
Feel free to leave comments that are constructive and related to the blog. Also feel free to ask questions or provide areas you would like future episodes on.
Thank you for your investment and all the best.
I leave you with a thought:

“What if your coffee could be better than you realise? “

You don’t want to realise over time that greatness was only just around the corner!

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